What We Offer

Treatments You Can Trust

At Worthy Ink Studio, we aim to help women reclaim their confidence, self-esteem and sexy! The treatments we offer are highly sought after by those that simply want to enhance what's already there, creating a subtle, but undeniable transformation!

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Stretch Mark Camouflage

Get Ready to Reveal

Get out of hiding girl! You don't have to wear that cover up, oversized t-shirt, or pants all of the time. If your stretch marks are holding you hostage, let's change that! This treatment will allow me to cover your stretch marks up to 90%, rendering them almost invisible. Using a custom blending process, we will create the perfect pigment that matches your skin tone, resulting in a beautiful outcome!

SMP & SMP for Her

Restore Your Crown

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non invasive treatment that can help you renew your image and increase your confidence. For many women, our hair is our crown, and helps us maintain our vibrancy and femininity. A number of men do not want to simply cut all of their hair off to battle thinning, and if they do choose to be bold and bald they still want it to look good. Those suffering from Traction Alopecia, genetic hair loss, and moderate hair thinning can be ideal candidates! This treatment entails a process similar to tattooing where organic pigments are deposited into the scalp to look like individual hair follicles. This makes hair look full and natural, while potentially providing strength! Low maintenance, time saving, a great solution!


Scar Revision

Undo It!

Scars can also be concealed. Ideally the scar will be flat, lighter than your natural skin tone, and at least 18 months old. If your scar is red or purple it is likely still healing. 

Surgeries, accidents, self-harm and life events can all leave us with scars. What if you no longer had to hesitate before doing your hair in a certain style, wear a v-neck shirt or pushing your sleeves up? Free your mind and your body!

3D Areola/Nipple Repigmentation

The Real You

Worthy Ink Studio embodies wholeness, something everyone needs. We support Gender Affirmation, walk hand in hand with Breast Cancer survivors, and create awareness of all body transformation options including our 3D Areola Tattoo. This treatment gives you the confidence to be the real you, permanently.